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New additions to the Edifying Christian Movies list

In the recent past, few movies have been added to the list

Every Christian must watch the movie ‘Suing the Devil’ to know the rightful place of the devil in our lives.

3 thoughts on “New additions to the Edifying Christian Movies list

  1. Hi Silas!…I Really Loved Amazing Love & Ring The Bell Movie So Far; Also I Watched As Always My Favorite Movie Again; Faith Like Potatoes!! I Always Say To God; I Want Faith Like potatoes God; Give me Great Faith! & After Watching The Amazing Love Movie & The Enemy Was Giving Me problems in The Man Department? & It Saved Me from Making A Serious Mistake; All The Signs Were There For A Supposedly A Godly Christian Man? To love You like Christ Loved The Church? He Said All The right things That A Godly Woman Wants to hear? He Was Anointed With Spiritual Gifts? He Could Lead In The Word & He Was Decent With Me He liked To Worship!…So it Was looking pretty Good For Him leading me In Righteousness & purity! Apostle/Pastor & All The Gifts of the Spirit Were there So I Thought? But To me gifts Are not Everything…Father God’s Love Is! The Fruit Iof The Spirit is What i needed To See! Because That is What remains Forever; God’s Love So This Movie helped me Ask Some Serious Questions; But Would He be Selfless & Show me Sacrificial Love Like Hosea Did Gomer? Where Was The Fruit Of That Selflessness & Sacrifice? & Then It All Came out Red Flags began popping Up! Wow! & He Was Exposed For Who He really Was Not? He Ran For The hills…Because He Was A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing…& Absolutely None Of Christs Integrity Or His Spiritual Back bone..The Character Of Christ!! The Transparent Honesty & The True Sincerity & Truth Of Having Nothing To Hide That (Eye-Lik-ree-ni-ah) II Cor.5:8 eilikrineia Sincerity, Strongs #1505 It like Buying A Fine piece Fine pottery Or Of China at An An Oriental Bazaar! If You are A Wise Buyer? You Would Take The pottery out into The Sunlight & Examine It For It’s Purity! If The merchant Is honest With His Wares;..Than You Have Got What you paid For; Quality & Purity…But Some Merchants That Are Dishonest Will patch Up The cracked pots & Smooth Over the Cracks With Some Wax? So If You Are Wise & Walk As circumspectly & In The Sunlight Of God; Malachi 4:2 & In All Situations, It Will Be Like The True Sincerity Of The gospel Of Jesus Christ; His Sincerity; Its like A Total Transparent honesty, Genuine Purity,Manifested Clarity And Unsullied Innocence. & It Describes One who does not fear through examination of his motives and intents, because he has nothing to hide! So Silas Thank You & Bless You For Your Wonderful God Inspired Christian Movie Site! & The Amazing Love Movie & What It Showed me That Something Was Truly Missing That I needed In A Godly Headship; As A True Godly Spirit filled Husband! It Had Me dig A Little deeper To Know That i Truly Want To See Christs Nature Character & integrity & Sincerity In A godly man For Me & He Is Worth Waiting For! & Also God helped me Uncover The deception That The Enemy Was Trying To Throw My Way; He Was trying To Destiny Thieve!!! My Calling; & So i Am Gladly Waiting On God For That Someone Special For Me to Submit Too In Unconditional Selfless & Sacrificial Love!! Sincerely From The Bottom of My Heart! I Thank You My Christian Brother…For This Wonderful Blessed Christian Movie Site! & The Movie Called AMAZING LOVE!!! In His Sweet Peace Shalom & Hid In Christ! Amen!~*Dawn!;-)


    • Hi sister Dawn..!
      I’m glad to know that you have been blessed by those movies… Amazing Love has been my favourite too..
      I pray that you’ll find God’s perfect will for your life and find rest in His presence..!
      God Bless you…


  2. as much as I research on movies I make a conclusion that we like those movies which are some how or some way related to our past or present life or any incident happen in front of us that movie based on, that is way sometime we have make one movie best for us and keep the rest in okay path.


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