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Do you know Dr.Jesus?

Introducing to you…


Have you heard of Dr. Jesus???
He is the Master of Impossibilities (M.I.)!

You can CONSULT Him round the clock.  He does not grumble to attend to you at the midnight hour.

His CONSULTATION FEE is “FAITH as small as a mustard seed.”  Yes, very certainly He is authorized, for all power is given to Him in Heaven and in earth.  No failures, if you pay the fees promptly.

Surely no doctor treats like this Doctor.  Many have testified that they have not seen such cures (Mt 9:33).

Here is His name board!
Dr. Jesus Christ M.I.,
(Regn.No: Is 53:5; Mt 28:18).

Consultation Hours: 6.00am to 6.00am (24×7).

Dr. Jesus never prescribes a ‘course’ of treatment.  It is all over ‘instantaneously’.
He generally doesn’t pose conditions, but heals unconditionally when sick approach Him in Faith.  He never puts anybody on a diet.  Plaster casts and bandages cannot be seen in His clinic.  It is a thorough healing.  His Spirit is the perfect cleanser.  He does not give painful injections, but just a gentle touch.  He chose to graduate in the “Medical College of Suffering”, that He might understand the sufferings of His patients and hence you may boldly go near His chair (Heb 4:15,16).

He never enjoys holidays.  He is “on duty” day and night (Ps 121:4,6).  Neither the moon can make you a lunatic, nor the sun give you a stroke; because they are under His total control.  You wonder what miracle medicine He prescribes?  His pill is His WORD! (Ps 107:20).

His CLINIC is always overcrowded, that at times, you may have to descend from the top to land in front of Him. Yet, He is not upset (Mk 2:2-12).  Patients just throng Him; still He is not angry, but is moved with compassion (Mt 14:14).  Under the very roof of His Clinic is healing (Mal 4:2).

He NEVER WEARS a MASK, for He is not afraid of contracting any disease from His patients.  He is not provoked with your foolish questions or answers.  He is the most understanding Physician on earth.  He patiently answers all your questions.

Dr. Jesus DOES NOT NEED X-ray or blood TESTS.  Nor does he painstakingly take your history; for He already knows all your history and constitution (Ps 103:14; 139:13-16).

I know of a lady who suffered from Menorrhagia for twelve long years and spent all her money on physicians but to no avail.  She became so Anaemic and weak that she gave up all hopes of being well again.  One day, someone told her of Dr. Jesus, that she wanted to give Him a final try.  Amidst the crowd she thought she would get something from Him and go unnoticed.  But I tell you, He is not a haphazard person.  He knows all His patients individually and by name.  Even in that crowd He recognised her.  He did not shout at her for not coming in the queue or for touching Him.  He comforted her and said, because she had already paid the Consultation Fees, she was treated and healed. (Mk 5:25-34).

My!!! I haven’t seen such skill!! Don’t laugh at me!

Dr. Luke himself, (a contemporary of Dr. Jesus), was convinced of the excellent cures of Dr. Jesus’ patients.  He himself told me this incident in detail and many other clinical reports too (Lk 8:43-48).

Another case of CHRONIC ARTHRITIS of the Spine (that’s my diagnosis)!  The woman was literally doubled up.  Dr. Jesus simply laid His hands on her and her joints were made loose and she straightened up, as if oil were poured into her backbone.  Hard to believe, isn’t it?

Dr. Jesus is an experienced PSYCHOLOGIST too.  Once His assistants brought Him a case difficult for them to heal.  But He simply rebuked the devil, which was causing the mental derangement and the child was cured (Mt 17:15,18).  Yes, He is the Master of Impossibilities!  He said, “With men these are impossible; but with Me all things are possible.”

His PSYCHOTHERAPY, is by a positive approach.  The weak should say, that he is strong! (Joel 3:10).

I also know of many cases of STERILITY healed through His treatment.  Mrs. Sarah Abraham was in fact too old for any treatment.  Neither hormones nor a D & C would have helped her, because she had attained menopause. Believe it or not, she simply trusted Him and got the child at 90 years of age!!! Conception after so many years of marriage!

You also must be knowing the Isaacs.  A very fine couple indeed.  Their only sorrow was that Mrs. Isaac was barren.  They consulted with confidence just once and conceived and had twins.

Mrs. Rachel Jacob was a sweet lady, but because she had no kids, she envied others who had children; so was constantly quarrelling with her husband and even contemplated suicide.  But the Master Physician healed her and she got two sons.

Doctors generally keep their techniques a SECRET.  But Dr. Jesus revealed everything to His assistants and trained them up in His ways (Lk 9:1).  He sent them to many places to conduct roadside Clinics, because He could not just tolerate to see people suffering.  He is the most compassionate character I have ever seen.  It is never His desire that anyone should suffer from a disease.

A LEPER asked Him to heal him, if it was His will.  Dr. Jesus put an emphatic, “I will, you be healed.”  A wonderful LEPRALOGIST!

An excellent SURGEON!  His superb ‘Rib-Removal’ Surgery done under simple sedation, makes any surgeon take his hat off to Dr. Jesus (Gen 2:21).  His scalpel cuts asunder the soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of thoughts and intents of the heart (Heb 4:12).  He even binds-up BROKEN HEARTS, which no surgeon can do, a technique unheard of! (Lk 4:18).

He is an expert CARDIOLOGIST.  His heart transplantation cases always survived (Ezek 36:26).  His suturing material, is bands of love.

If all the cases of Dr. Jesus were recorded and filed, the world cannot contain it (Jn 21:24,25)!!!

You see, I have made Him my Family Doctor (for many years) and I have never regretted!!!

Why don’t you make Him your’s too???

Why not meet him rightaway???
Call 24 hr Toll Free No: (Jer 33:3)

2 thoughts on “Do you know Dr.Jesus?

  1. I wouldn’t just say it is a nice article and thus demean the TRUTH in each line. Truly, many times i have underestimated the Healing power of Dr. Jesus. Having Him so close to me, i have failed to call upon Him numerous times. Dear Brother Silas, thank you for this post.


    • Dear Sister Jesse,
      Thanks for your comment.

      It gives me great pleasure to share about Him (Dr.Jesus). As I recently had an encounter with Him, I felt this would be the best way to share the good news about Him.

      While in my pain, with a sigh I cried out for help and He touched me. I instantaneously experienced the pain relieved from my body. Thus He topped up my account with FAITH through this encounter.
      And that was the inspiration behind this post getting onto this blog.


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