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In HIS Time…

Dear family in Christ,

The Lord has been faithful and true to His promises. Through this blog, He has helped me to find my better half, in HIS Time.

Jesse has been a silent contributor and the reason for this movie list to have grown this long.

We’re getting married on Thursday, the 24th of this month (November, 2016) by 10:30AM IST, at Bangalore.

We invite you to witness our wedding, as we exchange our vows in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. The wedding ceremony will be live broadcast and will be available to watch online at our website.

Please do visit our website for more details at http://www.silas-jesse.in

Thank you for your love and prayers. Please do continue to remember us in your prayers, as we seek to build a Godly home. Thank you..!

He makes All things beautiful in His time..!

In Christ,
Silas Zechariah V.

10 thoughts on “In HIS Time…

  1. Congratulations!

    May all praises be unto God! What a lovely Father we have. I live in Canada and you introduced me to Brother Zac through your website. I am now a kind-of CFC member.

    May God continue to use you both for His glory! Sonia


  2. Dear Brother Silas, thank you so much for this blog. We had watched many movies from this list and they have been tremendous blessing to our family. Movies like Courageous, Flywheel, War Room, Amish Grace, Fireproof and so on. I thank you for the same and pray that you will continue to be a faithful steward for all the God-given skills.

    Brother, I had the privilege of watching your wedding and also the testimony video of Sister Jesse. It was mind-blowing to know what God can do in the lives of those who seek His will in their lives. I pray God that your lives will be as good as testimony as your wedding was. I pray to God that your life together would be a testimony and blessing to others and you will glorify God together in all the days to come.

    Thank you so much for sharing your testimony and for sharing the wedding video.

    Though I couldn’t be part of the celebration physically, I was glad to see my family (Sister Reena and kids) there in the celebration. I got to know the whole story behind your wedding from Sister Reena. Praise the Lord!

    God bless you both, brother! – Alex


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