Everything is Spiritual – Rob Bell

The Best Illustration to God's Creation (Science Proof)!!!

The Deception Of ‘Christian’ Rock Music – Zac Poonen

Jesus’ burden and message to the pharisees of His time

The Cup that Jesus Drank – Zac Poonen

14 thoughts on “MUST VIEW

  1. i love this site i will surely share it with all i know thank u & may ABBA bless you, those you love & care for and all you put your hand to. Our country needs this great input. thank you again


  2. Dear Brother Silas,
    Thanks again for what you are doing in the Church of GOD.
    Are there any chance to watch / download all THE STRANGER tv series?
    GOD bless you.


  3. hi silas, I’ve been visiting here for months and nothing has changed. are you ok brother? I will pray for you. thank you so much for creating this site where the Bride can watch entertainment.


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