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NOTICE: Any of the following full length animated christian movies might be officially removed from public viewing at any point of time, due to copyright violations. Hope God has blessed you by this site. You may share this to anyone who are in need. You may also download these animated christian movies and watch/share them offline. (Help tip: Download Helper) for further help/assistance contact me.
This page will soon be reconstructed for ease of access and quicker page load.
New Additions:-

Donkey Ollie: Journey to Jerusalem (Animated Christian Movie) – Watch Online

Donkey Ollie: Road to Damascus (Animated Christian Movie) – Watch Online

The Legend of Three Trees (Animated Christian Movie) – Watch Online

The Greatest Adventure – The Nativity (Animated Christian Movie) – Watch Online

Joseph & His Brothers (Animated Christian Movie) – Watch Online

We regret the recent loss of 42 movies from this list.

We hope to add many more movies to this list…. Check back for updates..!

God Bless…

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