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Best Christian Movies

One Stop for all Edifying Christian Movies

NOTICE: All movies listed at this site are only hand-picked and embedded or linked here. Hope God has blessed you by this site. You may share this to anyone who are in need. You may also download these christian movies and watch/share them offline. Kindly support the Christian movie producers, by buying the christian movies of your choice from their respective retailers.

How to Download:-

  • Torrent Method
    1. Ensure you have a torrent client installed on your computer (Eg. uTorrent, iLivid, etc..)
    2. Click on the movie title below to go to the movie page
    3. If Torrent download is available, copy the magnet URI and paste it in the address bar
    4. The download will begin in sometime on your torrent client.
  • Download Helper Method
    1. Use Mozilla Firefox browser
    2. Install the DownloadHelper Add-on
    3. Click on the movie title below to go to the movie page
    4. Further on how to download using this addon. Refer Add-on Manual.

IMPORTANT: It is recommended to have all advertisements blocked before proceeding to watch any movie on an External website. Click here to know how to block the advertisements. Enjoy Ad-free browsing on the Internet.

Click here to watch the Visual Bible collection.
As the page is growing longer, the layout has been modified to accomodate more links in lesser space and for better convenience. The movies are listed in the order they were initially uploaded onto this site. The latest additions are listed on the top and the older ones below. The date when the respective movie pages were updated is displayed at the end of every link in (<Month> DD, YYYY) format.

And many more are to be added…. Check back for updates..!

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336 thoughts on “Best Christian Movies

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  2. Praise GOD!
    Thanks a lot for this good movies which inspires and motivates, is really great and helpful what your doing, GOD bless.

    Request: it will be helpful if the movie Christmas gift is available in English language. Also eagerly waiting for more movies


  3. Attempted to obtain “War Room” but the link (web page address) was incomplete when copied because part is missing from the visible page.


  4. Dear Brother,

    Really you are doing A Great Job. But Can You Help us to get these movies in Hindi languages so that other also may get bless by this.


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