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Best Christian Movies

One Stop for all Edifying Christian Movies

NOTICE: All movies listed at this site are only hand-picked and embedded or linked here. Hope God has blessed you by this site. You may share this to anyone who are in need. You may also download these christian movies and watch/share them offline. Kindly support the Christian movie producers, by buying the christian movies of your choice from their respective retailers.

How to Download:-

  • Torrent Method
    1. Ensure you have a torrent client installed on your computer (Eg. uTorrent, iLivid, etc..)
    2. Click on the movie title below to go to the movie page
    3. If Torrent download is available, copy the magnet URI and paste it in the address bar
    4. The download will begin in sometime on your torrent client.
  • Download Helper Method
    1. Use Mozilla Firefox browser
    2. Install the DownloadHelper Add-on
    3. Click on the movie title below to go to the movie page
    4. Further on how to download using this addon. Refer Add-on Manual.

IMPORTANT: It is recommended to have all advertisements blocked before proceeding to watch any movie on an External website. Click here to know how to block the advertisements. Enjoy Ad-free browsing on the Internet.

Click here to watch the Visual Bible collection.
As the page is growing longer, the layout has been modified to accomodate more links in lesser space and for better convenience. The movies are listed in the order they were initially uploaded onto this site. The latest additions are listed on the top and the older ones below. The date when the respective movie pages were updated is displayed at the end of every link in (<Month> DD, YYYY) format.

And many more are to be added…. Check back for updates..!

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384 thoughts on “Best Christian Movies

    • ‘The Song’ movie does educate us regarding what can happen when a life is lived apart from God yet we found the movie not qualified to be ‘clean’ and so we haven’t added it to the movie list. Thanks for your suggestion.


  1. Brother is there a way to download this as app??!!

    Is panela’s Prayer – movie listed here?!!

    Could not find so asking..


    • Sorry sister Pavithra,
      As requested by the producer of the film, the movie Pamela’s Prayer is not made available on this site. It is a good movie, please try to purchase the movie and watch it. God bless…
      Also this site’s content is not available as an app yet.


  2. What about Luther?
    Thanks for making this site.
    Maybe you can also add good movies even if they don’t want dl links, many like myself can find them on their own, but want them for reference.
    Hard to find good Christian media, except by word of mouth I find. This site is great.


  3. Looking for “I Believe 2017” A 9 year old boy experiences God’s power in a supernatural way could not find in the listing.


  4. please do u have this movie “A.D the bible continuous”
    and how can I upload some Christian movies not on this site?


  5. Thank you guys for one of a kind site …. Haven’t seen a christian Torrent site in years !!

    Please do keep it updated … !!!
    We always seems to find soo many cult n evil Hollywood Big name movies, and nothing of that is for one’s good at all.

    We need more believers and people that stand and bring the Gospel in movies to share with the world !!

    Big Ups…
    Warm Regards,

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I am a television broadcasting Comlany and would like to be linked with Christian movies / producers to buy from them as a way of supporting our brothers. Please guys hook me up


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