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Lilies of the Field – Watch Online / Torrent Download

Storyline: A traveling laborer meets five nuns when his car radiator needs water in the Arizona desert. The appearance of Homer Smith (Sidney Poitier) convinces the mother superior (Lilia Skala) he is an answer to her prayers to fix the farmhouse roof. Homer not only fixes the roof, but teaches the German nuns English and takes a second job to provide much needed materials for other projects at the convent. He disappears for two weeks without a trace and returns to the convent ready to renew his commitment to the nuns.

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One thought on “Lilies of the Field – Watch Online / Torrent Download

  1. Seems to me your in over your head on copyright infringement and I would not put the lords name out there with that going on;he is not in it .it is time to get things in order.he is judging his own first.so pray that his mercy is extended to you.in say this in love.


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