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Not a Fan – Watch Online

Storyline: This movie is an adaptation of the original DVD series to a full-length feature film. It includes scenes from the original study, as well as teaching by Kyle Idleman. Follow the journey of Eric Nelson, a man leading a compartmentalized triple life as a pleasure-seeking rebel, a cutthroat corporate executive, and a nominal Christian. But when confronted with a near death experience, Eric embarks on a spiritual journey that transforms his commitment to Jesus Christ and tests the faith of his friends and family.

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13 thoughts on “Not a Fan – Watch Online

  1. Awesome video. Are you a fan or follower of Jesus? Are you sure you’re going to heaven? Watch this and it will make you think. Where is your life with Jesus? Don’t wait another day to find out.

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  2. Very thought provoking and a reminder of how we should all live our lives! I will pray that God will keep me on the path in life to grow as a follower of Jesus! Sitting in a church pew does not make you a Christian. it is what you bring outside the church to others after hearing God’s message and receiving the Eucharist. Our church mission Is Our HEARTS ARE BURNING TO KNOW,LOVE AND SERVE GOD BY LOVING AND SERVING OTHERS!


  3. I committed my life to Christ 6 yrs ago and God blessed me with a move to a new state that landed me in a young growing church. But life sets in after a while and the things I once did for Christ that were transformational from my pre-Christ days became common place. God through His Spirit has been convicting me for months “Will you really give everything over to me? How committed are you?” God used this movie to challenge me to step up and recommit my life to Christ (Not speaking of salvation but whole hearted dedication).


  4. thank you for this awesome thought provoking movie I’m a follower of jesus to death thank you for this reminder i want to follow him moor now then ever hopefully i will give this as a gift of life to someone soon. this should be sold in every mega or little church no matter what the denomination is were all in it together. this movie should be done as universal bible study its an eye opener. well job done silas Zachariah

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  5. I want to correct a typing mistake i meant to say well job done city on a Hill production not silas zachariah sorry


  6. I have been doing the Not a Fan sessions at a new Church I just started going to. I must covey the importance of doing the journal with the sessions. Not only does it allow you to answer some very tough, thought provoking questions, it challenges you to put it in writing, where you find yourself reading them to Jesus openly and honestly. I found not only was it asking questions based on the story, the questions were touching upon situations in my past that I am still healing and learning from. Very grateful to have had the opportunity to have this available. Thankful, blessed with a full heart.


  7. What a blessing!
    I have been watching the video series with a group at TWR ( Trans World Radio ) on the island of Bonaire.
    I have been ill today and was not able to attend the morning devotional and video teaching but really felt a need to hear the powerful message from this series.
    I began a search this morning and came accross this site and was able to view the video.
    Thanks be to our generous God who has moved you in sharing His word through the video.


  8. I’ve been a Follower of Jesus since December 8, 1962, and next Monday, Augusts 25th., I’ll be doing a two minuet per-taping for the Toronto Mayoral Candice here in Toronto Canada. As one of the very few Christian believers running for mayor I never gave it much thought as to what I’ll share. After watching this video, I sure do now. Thank you once again for this awesome and powerful video. Blessings multiplied. Happy Ness Happy.


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