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Road to Emmaus – Watch Online

Storyline: Mourning the death of Jesus, two first-century travelers were joined by a mysterious stranger. Over the next few hours, the stranger revealed many mysteries that lay hidden in the ancient Scriptures. Soon, the purpose of Jesus’ life became clear…and the travelers’ sadness turned to great joy. Now you can learn what they learned. Discover the key to life…on the Road to Emmaus.

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9 thoughts on “Road to Emmaus – Watch Online

  1. Thank You Lord, I recommitted my life to Jesus in between of watching this video… The Lord showed me again the LOVE he have for me and i wept and wept and surrendered my life again to him ….. Thank You…. Lord


  2. What an amazing movie. Based on a real incident in the Bible, this movie shares the gospel in such a simple yet powerful way, that will move hearts. I shall be using this movie in my evangelical work. May God bless the maker of the movie, Bruce Marchiano (who we have seen in Encounter movies also) and of course you Silas for listing out this movie in your wonderful database. I love you Silas, God Bless You


    • Hello Nancy,
      If you’re not familiar with the download helper method mentioned in the top of the movies list page, you can use keepvid.com.
      Right click on the video player and copy the video URL and paste it on the keepvid website and follow the instructions to download the same.


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