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Selected movies from creationism.org – Watch Online

Background: Ken Anderson (together with wife, Doris) went from being a local church pastor in Minnesota, to a major Christian films producer and video editor with over 200 movies & cartoon titles distributed worldwide! He founded Gospel Films, based in Michigan, and later their family moved to northern Indiana, starting Ken Anderson Films (KAF).  His family followed and became closely involved in the growing ministries. Throughout the ’50s and ’60s Christian films were produced with increasing professionalism and ads for Christian films appeared in magazines like Christianity Today on a regular basis. God blessed these movies and helped in reaping an abundant harvest through them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       These movies are selectively taken from www.creationism.org all produced by Ken andersen.

NOTE: This page contains downloadable links to Christian movies selectively taken from www.creationism.org. These movies are produced by Ken andersen.
Click on the thumbnail images for more information about the respective movies.

Link details: Small is mp4 format & Medium is wmv format.

While clicking on the Small or Medium links, the video file will be downloaded in a zipped(.zip) format. After the file is downloaded, unzip the file and yo will be able to watch play the video.

Recommended: Use a Download Manager to avoid issues while downloading these files.

APACHE FIRE – Small or Medium

ELEPHANT BOY – Small or Medium

GOLDEN DOLPHIN – Small or Medium

HIGH POINT – Small or Medium

HUDSON TAYLOR – Small or Medium

JOURNEY TO THE SKY – Small or Medium

MAKARRATA – Small or Medium

MARK OF THE RED HAND – Small or Medium

MUD SWEAT AND CHEERS – Small or Medium

PATMOS – Small or Medium


SECOND STEP – Small or Medium

SENIOR YEAR – Small or Medium

STEP OVER THE EDGE – Small or Medium


SUDDEN DEATH – Small or Medium

THE ANSWER – Small or Medium

THE ENEMY – Small or Medium


WILD COUNTRY – Small or Medium

YONEKO – Small or Medium

Many more movies are available in the source website(creationsm.org), but they’ve not been added here due to any of the following reasons…

  • No clear Christian message conveyed
  • Poor quality drama
  • Funnily poor language

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