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The Appointment – Torrent Download

Viewer Discretion Is Advised (See Comment section)

Storyline: This is the story of a woman who is writing an anti-God editorials for her local newspaper. One day a mysterious visitor comes to her office with a message from the Lord. He tells her that on September 19th at 6:05pm she is going to die. Is this a hoax? Or the truth? She has eight days left…and the suspense begins!

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The Appointment
This movie will no longer be streamed on this site as requested by the producer. Kindly Buy the movie DVD to support their ministry.

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5 thoughts on “The Appointment – Torrent Download

  1. This is the first movie on the list that I did not like. I will like to tell you the reasons:
    It talks about going to heaven my accepting Jesus as Lord. But that is not the gospel. It is a big mistake that lot of people make. Salvation is not by accepting Jesus as Lord, (which of course He is). Salvation is by believing that Jesus is the Son of God who came down as human, as me, suffered on the humiliation and death on the cross for me and as me, that I should be there, and not him, but he so loved me that he did it for me. He paid the price for my sins. And on the 3rd day defeated death and the prince of darkness, rose again. This is the gospel, which was missing in this movie. This love of His for us, makes us not only in being saved but also accepting Him and making him our Lord. This movie works only on question without showing the answer. The lady dying in the end does not prove anything. For a person born in a Christian family , it may be just about accepting not accepting Jesus. But for those who are from other faith, (as Jesus died for the world), understanding the work of cross is the basic and most vital reason for accepting Christ. Therefore any movie that does not have this message can not be called evangelic movie that it claims to be.


  2. Hi Silas….I am not able to watch the movies online…I tried to watch some but it says that the video does not exist. What could be the problem?


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