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The Ride – Watch Online / Torrent Download

Storyline: Smokey Banks used to be one of the greatest bull riders in rodeo. But for the last few years this has-been cowboy has been riding the bookie and the bottle more. Now, through a strange and sudden set of events, he is given an option : go to jail, or be a cowboy teacher at a Boy’s Ranch. Saddled with a dozen young boys wild as any bull he ever faced, his mission was simple: teach young Danny (Brock Pierce) how to ride a bull. Very reluctantly, Smokey agrees, not realizing that Danny will be far more of a teacher to him than he ever dreamed.

Torrent download: Copy and paste the below text into your browser’s address bar to directly download from the magnet link.


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7 thoughts on “The Ride – Watch Online / Torrent Download

  1. I can’t download. I tried the method but it only brings me back to this page. Please I need to download these movies.


  2. When I copy the link is not opening, it results to “Your search for xt=urn:btih:c03edc31e555513d8d753ec981b42199a9126c2a&dn=The+Ride+%281997%29%28Christian+Movie%29&tr=udp%3A%2F%2 did not match with any Web results.”


    • Ensure you are copying the entire Magnet URI text, I believe you are able to view only a part of the text from your web browser. Try double/triple click on the text and the entire text would get selected.


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