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The Stranger Series – Watch Online

From the producers of ‘The Perfect Stranger’ comes a seven-episode miniserial that continues the stories of a modern-day Jesus walking amongst us.

Episode1 ‘Woman at the Well’ : A woman struggles with the concept of not being perfect because both her family and her church disapprove of her lifestyle. Watch Online
Episode2 ‘The Prodigal Son’: A young man turns his back on a family fortune and winds up sleeping in an alley. Watch Online
Episode3 ‘Mary & Martha’: Two sisters with very different outlooks run a family diner in rural Alabama. Watch Online
Episode4 ‘Salt’ : A grad student faces a daily challenge in an outspoken agnostic professor. Watch Online
Episode5 ‘Thomas’: A boorish Chicago radio host berates his listeners on a nightly basis; tonight’s topic: The Insanity of Faith. Watch Online
Episode6 ‘Mary Magdalene’ : A conservative senator has reservations about casting the deciding vote on a landmark abortion bill. Watch Online
Episode7 ‘Walk on Water’ : A teenager grows weary of being harassed for her beliefs by her mean-spirited classmates. Watch Online


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