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Time Changer – Torrent Download

Storyline: This story is about two college professors from 1890 having a disagreement about the nature of morality. Dr. Anderson argues that it is more important that people be saved and spend eternity with God than that they live good lives; Carlisle agrees but insists that right living is still a good thing by itself. Anderson reveals that  he has invented a time machine and seen the future, and he knows how things turn out. He ultimately convinces Carlisle to travel to the future (our present) himself to see. The rest of the movie is about Carlisle’s encounter with 21st century culture and morals.

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5 thoughts on “Time Changer – Torrent Download

  1. I thought this movie had cheesy acting in the first couple of minutes,but the camera work kept me watching. It increasingly got really good and had a great ending! The moral and message provoked a reconsideration of our own priorities, acceptable levels of tolerance, and The only motivation for ever having morals. Well done!


    • I would say that as a Christian we are to be forgiving, patient, merciful.. amongst other things. I would also say that we are not to go divorcing our Christian spouses after just 6 MONTHS of being married just because they happen not to meet ‘our’ interpretations and expectations of performance as a spouse. What do you think Ms. Cherylspatrie..??


  2. Thank you Silas, God will bless you for your immerse contribution to reach the lost with the words of Jesus Christ.


  3. I really loved this movie when I watched it, though it is fiction but look real and preaches morality a major branch of Christianity


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