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WWJD – II : The Woodcarver – Watch Online

Storyline: Unable to cope with the squabbles of his divorcing parents, fifteen-year-old Matthew Stevenson takes it out on his church. The old and godly widower whose woodcarvings Matthew trashed takes in the kid as a worker to help repair the damage, which also provides Matthew a quiet harbor in which to consider WWJD (What would Jesus do?). That phrase gets back to and influences his parents as well, and the family that was once disintegrating turn to God for the mending process.

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4 thoughts on “WWJD – II : The Woodcarver – Watch Online

  1. I just finished watching WWJD2 The Woodcarver. In the last few weeks I’ve been drawn to watch Christian movies online, and there have been a number of them that I’ve been touch by. Unconditional is one The Ultimate Gift, Love’s Everlasting Courage are a few even though there have been other as well, nothing has moved me more than The Woodcarver. I believe that our churches should be showing this movie because there are families that are hurting, and Father’s along with there son’s need to be touch by these kind of stories. Thank you so very mush.


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