The Pursuit of …

Within each of us there is a vacuum that can be filled only by God. Man is constantly seeking to fill that vacuum with pleasure, fame, wealth or power. But it is a futile pursuit. The ultimate result is always frustration because we are never satisfied. -Zac Poonen

Just Amazing and Unbelievable!

A calf attacked by lions and a crocodile, then saved by a herd.
Reminds me of being preserved in the Body of Christ.


We grow closer to each other
When we’re closer to the Lord
The common faith that we share
Binds our hearts in one accord

For friendships last a life time
When built on Jesus Christ
Throughout each different season
We find we are in life

Friends are there through times of grief
And times when hope is gone
Always there with encouragement
So we can carry on

So thank the Lord for giving you
A true and faithful friend
To laugh with you, and cry with you
On whom you can depend

For friends will stay no matter what
Giving you support
And together your hearts truly unite
With the love of the Lord

© By M.S.Lowndes