Hurry!!! New Christian movie Released in India! – ‘The Least of These’

Dear brothers and sisters in India,

I would urge you to treat yourself with a movie while this newly released movie is still being screened in our Indian theatres.

The Least of These – The Graham Stains Story

Share this with your friends and family as well. God bless you..!

Your brother in Christ,
Silas Zechariah V.

Newest additions to the Edifying movies list

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

Our sincere apologies for not updating the site for a long time. And thanks for bearing with us.

Below are the additions made in the last 3 months. If you haven’t watched them yet, its hightime you do now.

May God bless you as you watch these movies. To go to the complete movies listing page, click here.

Please feel free to share this site with your loved ones. No strings attached. 🙂 Share in the blessing..!

Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered. (Prov. 11:25 ESV)

Also please let us know, when you find a ‘Watch Online’ link not working or a torrent with insufficient seeds by notifying us through this page.

Stay Blessed..!

In Christ — Silas & Jesse

In HIS Time…

Dear family in Christ,

The Lord has been faithful and true to His promises. Through this blog, He has helped me to find my better half, in HIS Time.

Jesse has been a silent contributor and the reason for this movie list to have grown this long.

We’re getting married on Thursday, the 24th of this month (November, 2016) by 10:30AM IST, at Bangalore.

We invite you to witness our wedding, as we exchange our vows in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. The wedding ceremony will be live broadcast and will be available to watch online at our website.

Please do visit our website for more details at

Thank you for your love and prayers. Please do continue to remember us in your prayers, as we seek to build a Godly home. Thank you..!

He makes All things beautiful in His time..!

In Christ,
Silas Zechariah V.

New impactful additions to the movies list

Dear Family in Christ,

Greetings to you!

In the recent past, a collection of impactful movies have been added to the list.

Below listed links are the additions made to the list, since my last update post.

If you know of any more Edifying & Clean Christian movies, please share with us the title and a link to the same (if available). If they truly qualify, we’ll have them updated on to the list. So that everyone around the globe can be blessed by it.

Wish you a blessed weekend…

God bless you!

New Movies on the List…

Dear Family in Christ,

Greetings to you!

After a long gap, new movies have now been added to the Edifying Christian Movies List.

The most recently added movies(Top 5) on the list are…

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Thank you for your love and prayers. God Bless You!

​​Your brother in Christ,

Silas Zechariah V.

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Nothing is Impossible

What’s your impossible?
The Things that are impossible with people are possible with God. (Luke 18:27)

We thought it was impossible for an old barren couple like us to have a son who would bless all nations. But we did. His name is Isaac.
-Abraham and Sarah

I lost my family, fortune and health. I thought it was impossible to live after such tragedy. But God restored everything two-fold.

When we came to the Red Sea, the Egyptian army on our heals, we thought it was impossible to escape. But God parted the water!
-Hebrew Family

After lies, adultery, murder, I would have thought it impossible that God would call me a man after His own heart. But that’s exactly what He called me.

I was a prostitute. I thought it was impossible to be spared when the wall of Jericho came down much less to be an ancestor of Jesus. But God extended His mercy to me!

Rather than kill me, my jealous brothers sold me into slavery. When my master’s wife accused me wrongly, I went to prison. I thought it was impossible to ever be free. But God was with me.

I thought it was impossible for me, a virgin, to bear a son. But I did. His name is Jesus.
-Mary, mother of Jesus

I was carrying my only son out of the city to be buried. To ever see him alive again was impossible. But Jesus appeared. He spoke and my son opened his eyes.
-Widow in Nain

We only had five loaves and two fish. How were we supposed to feed 5000+ people? For us it was impossible. For Jesus, it was enough.
-The Apostles

I thought it was impossible when people were hurling stones at me that someone would step up and defend me. But Jesus did. He rescued me.
-Adulterous Woman

My desperate friends dug a hole in the roof and lowered me on a mat to see Jesus. I thought, I’m paralyzed. This is impossible! But He spoke. I got up, took my mat and walked home.
-Paralytic Man

I thought it was impossible when I washed Jesus’ feet with my hair and tears that He would defend me in the midst of important people like Simon the Pharisee. But He did. He honored me.
-Sinful Woman

When I climbed up that tree, I thought it was impossible that a man like Jesus would want to dine with a man like me. But He invited me!
-Zacchaeus, Chief Tax Collector

I thought it was impossible to ever be whole, to be seen in public without being shunned. Then I thought, maybe if I can just touch the hem of His garment!
-Woman with Blood Issue

I thought it was impossible for Jesus to bring my dead brother back to life. But He spoke and Lazarus got up like he’d been dreaming!
-Mary of Bethany

I thought it was impossible for someone like me at the last hour to be saved… but I am in Paradise with Him!
-Thief on a cross beside Jesus

We thought it was impossible that we would ever see Jesus again after seeing Him die. But there He was in the middle of the room with us!
-The Eleven

I thought it was impossible that Jesus was alive until He showed me the scars in His hands!

We all thought it was impossible to go to the tomb that morning and find it empty and Jesus alive. But it was empty and He is Alive!
-Mary Magdalene

After denying Jesus three times, I thought it was impossible to overcome the grief and guilt. I deserved to die. But the Holy Spirit filled me on the day of Pentecost and 3000 people were baptized!

Persecuting Christians was my life. To think that God could or would use me to further His Kingdom was impossible. But all things are possible through God!

I thought I can never be an over-comer and live a life of victory over sin. But Jesus cleansed me and wrote faith in my heart. Now even I’m an over-comer through the power of the Holy Spirit.
-Silas Zechariah

A Song in your Heart

“Its not enough to have a song on your lips.
You must also have a song in your heart.”

Fanny Crosby (1844-1915)

[Written almost 9000 Hymns]


Recent additions to the Christian Movies list can now be easily identified as they are listed in the order they were added.

Please feel free to leave your opinion on the Christian Movies list page layout.

Most recent additions to the Edifying Christian Movies online list

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Here are the recent additions made to the Edifying Christian Movies online list…

This blog has been a blessing to many around the globe. Thanks for all those who have supported this site in your prayers, bringing the missing, clean and edifying movies to light by suggesting them from time to time, also for the constant encouragement poured-in that makes this site to stay alive and bring God the Glory.

I also want to emphasize that you do not stop by just watching them online here, but buy the movies of your choice from the respective retailers. So that this site doesn’t become a burden to the Christian movie producers. Also make donations and do contribute to the Christian movie producers to help them bring out the Christian Truth from the Bible to this needy world.

If you are one among those who have been blessed by this site, Share this to somebody who might be in need of it now. Freely you Received, so freely give… (Matthew 10:8)

May God alone be Glorified!

God Bless you all.

New additions to the Edifying Christian Movies list

In the recent past, few movies have been added to the list

Every Christian must watch the movie ‘Suing the Devil’ to know the rightful place of the devil in our lives.