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Living as Jesus Lived


Source: www.cfcindia.com


1. God’s Purpose For Man

2. Living In Humility

3. Living In Holiness

4. Living In Love

5. Living In The Spirit

6. Living In The Will of God

7. Living By The Power of God

8. Living For The Glory of God

9. The Bride Of Christ

The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are all together involved in this work of redeeming man and transforming him. And although, many men and women in their foolishness will not respond to God, yet the divine purpose will be fulfilled in a remnant (the few who find the narrow way to life), who submit to God, like Jesus did, and through whom the glory of God will be manifested, not only here in time, but also in the ages of eternity, when God will show forth through them, the surpassing riches of His grace that they were made partakers of through Christ Jesus.

To Him be all the glory, now and forever.

He who has ears to hear, let him hear.

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