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Dear family in Christ,

The Lord has been faithful and true to His promises. Through this blog, He has helped me to find my better half, in HIS Time.

Jesse has been a silent contributor and the reason for this movie list to have grown this long.

We’re getting married on Thursday, the 24th of this month (November, 2016) by 10:30AM IST, at Bangalore.

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Thank you for your love and prayers. Please do continue to remember us in your prayers, as we seek to build a Godly home. Thank you..!

He makes All things beautiful in His time..!

In Christ,
Silas Zechariah V.

The True Meaning of ‘AMEN’

One day God took Abraham outside his tent and told him, “Look towards the heavens and see if you can count the stars there. That’s how many descendants you are going to have” (Genesis 15:5). At that time Abraham didn’t even have one child. There are millions of stars in the sky. And it says that Abraham believed the Lord (Genesis 15:6). The word ‘believe’ there in the original Hebrew is ‘aman’ from which we get the English word ‘Amen’ which means ‘I believe that it will be so.’ So when God told Abraham that his seed would be like the stars of heaven, Abraham just said, “Amen. I believe it will be so.” That’s it. And it was fulfilled. Today, the children of Abraham (physically and spiritually) number in millions.

Faith means saying “Amen” when God has said something to you. Faith is always based on the word of God. “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God’ (Rom.10:17). You can’t have faith, if you don’t listen to God. Abraham heard God first. Then he said “Amen”. Nowadays, I find many believers saying that they have faith for things about which God has said nothing. They say: “I have faith that God will give me a Mercedez-Benz car. And I believe it’s going to be black in colour.” That’s not faith. That is presumption. It is tempting God. Faith can be born only after hearing God speaking to us first. Only then can we say, “Amen. It shall be so.” If you remember this, you will be saved from presumption and from “counterfeit faith”.

Faith begins with God’s promise and not with our desires. That which begins with our own desires will only lead to Babylon. What begins with God will lead to Jerusalem. Once God has spoken, we must keep on saying, “Amen” to it, all through our life, no matter how long God takes to fulfill His Word.. But in Genesis 16, we read that Sarah was impatient. She suggested to Abraham to have children through Hagar, her maid (Gen.16:2). What did Abraham do then? Unfortunately he said, “Amen”, to Sarah too. That caused a problem for Abraham’s descendants that has now lasted for 4000 years.

What are we to learn from this incident? Just this that we must never say “Amen” to man’s word, when God has told us something else. God can solve any problem we have, without our having to adopt carnal methods. We don’t need Sarah’s advice. God is well able to do what He has promised.

Thus Ishmael was born (Genesis 15:15). Notice something here.When Ishmael was born, Abraham was 86 years old. The next verse carries on from when Abraham was 99 years old (Gen.16:1617:1). What happened during those 13 years? The Lord was silent. The Lord appeared to Abraham again only when he was 99, after a silence of 13 years. It is as if the Lord was saying to him, “Did you say ‘Amen’ to Sarah’s suggestions? Then you will have to learn a painful lesson. I won’t speak to you for 13 years, until you learn to value My voice more than anyone else’s.” Yes, God is very strict. He teaches us some lessons in a very hard way at times – for otherwise the lesson won’t sink in. 13 years is a long time to live without hearing God. But Abraham learnt his lesson by then and never consulted Sarah again – not even when he was told to sacrifice Isaac much later.

God did not give up on Abraham. He now told him, “Your name will no longer be called Abram (exalted father) but your name will be Abraham (father of a multitude). You won’t just have that name; you will actually be the father of a multitude.” Abraham said, “Amen” once again – and within a year, he got a son – when things appeared hopeless. God gave him a son because he finally learnt to say, “Amen” to God alone. Abraham had learnt his lesson.

Author: Zac Poonen

Nothing is Impossible

What’s your impossible?
The Things that are impossible with people are possible with God. (Luke 18:27)

We thought it was impossible for an old barren couple like us to have a son who would bless all nations. But we did. His name is Isaac.
-Abraham and Sarah

I lost my family, fortune and health. I thought it was impossible to live after such tragedy. But God restored everything two-fold.

When we came to the Red Sea, the Egyptian army on our heals, we thought it was impossible to escape. But God parted the water!
-Hebrew Family

After lies, adultery, murder, I would have thought it impossible that God would call me a man after His own heart. But that’s exactly what He called me.

I was a prostitute. I thought it was impossible to be spared when the wall of Jericho came down much less to be an ancestor of Jesus. But God extended His mercy to me!

Rather than kill me, my jealous brothers sold me into slavery. When my master’s wife accused me wrongly, I went to prison. I thought it was impossible to ever be free. But God was with me.

I thought it was impossible for me, a virgin, to bear a son. But I did. His name is Jesus.
-Mary, mother of Jesus

I was carrying my only son out of the city to be buried. To ever see him alive again was impossible. But Jesus appeared. He spoke and my son opened his eyes.
-Widow in Nain

We only had five loaves and two fish. How were we supposed to feed 5000+ people? For us it was impossible. For Jesus, it was enough.
-The Apostles

I thought it was impossible when people were hurling stones at me that someone would step up and defend me. But Jesus did. He rescued me.
-Adulterous Woman

My desperate friends dug a hole in the roof and lowered me on a mat to see Jesus. I thought, I’m paralyzed. This is impossible! But He spoke. I got up, took my mat and walked home.
-Paralytic Man

I thought it was impossible when I washed Jesus’ feet with my hair and tears that He would defend me in the midst of important people like Simon the Pharisee. But He did. He honored me.
-Sinful Woman

When I climbed up that tree, I thought it was impossible that a man like Jesus would want to dine with a man like me. But He invited me!
-Zacchaeus, Chief Tax Collector

I thought it was impossible to ever be whole, to be seen in public without being shunned. Then I thought, maybe if I can just touch the hem of His garment!
-Woman with Blood Issue

I thought it was impossible for Jesus to bring my dead brother back to life. But He spoke and Lazarus got up like he’d been dreaming!
-Mary of Bethany

I thought it was impossible for someone like me at the last hour to be saved… but I am in Paradise with Him!
-Thief on a cross beside Jesus

We thought it was impossible that we would ever see Jesus again after seeing Him die. But there He was in the middle of the room with us!
-The Eleven

I thought it was impossible that Jesus was alive until He showed me the scars in His hands!

We all thought it was impossible to go to the tomb that morning and find it empty and Jesus alive. But it was empty and He is Alive!
-Mary Magdalene

After denying Jesus three times, I thought it was impossible to overcome the grief and guilt. I deserved to die. But the Holy Spirit filled me on the day of Pentecost and 3000 people were baptized!

Persecuting Christians was my life. To think that God could or would use me to further His Kingdom was impossible. But all things are possible through God!

I thought I can never be an over-comer and live a life of victory over sin. But Jesus cleansed me and wrote faith in my heart. Now even I’m an over-comer through the power of the Holy Spirit.
-Silas Zechariah

I’m free at last..!

So long I’ve searched for life’s meaning,
Enslaved by the world and my greed.
Then the door of my prison was opened by love,
For the ransom was paid , I was free.

I’m free from the fear of tomorrow,
I’m free from the guilt of my past.
Oh , I’ve traded my shackles for a glorious song,
I’m Free Praise The Lord Free At Last.

I’m free from the guilt that I carry,
From the dull empty life I set free.
For when I met Jesus He made me complete,
He forgot the foolish child I use to be.

I’m free from the fear of tomorrow,
I’m free from the guilt of my past.
Oh, I’ve traded my shackles for a glorious song.
I’m Free, Praise The Lord Free At Last.
Oh , I’ve traded my shackles for a glorious song.
I’m Free, Praise The Lord
Free At Last…!

Composed by William J. and Gloria Gaither

Remember 9/11 – Reminded of His Grace

History and Mystery in one.
In the year 2001, the whole world witnessed with great   fear the collapse of the WTC. Ten years later the Lord had planned the same day to be the beginning of fear in the devil’s life, by saving me and making me stand on The rock of Salvation. Since then, the devil trembles at me as he trembles before Christ my saviour.
I now celebrate this day (9/11), remembering His Grace that saved me.

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Within each of us there is a vacuum that can be filled only by God. Man is constantly seeking to fill that vacuum with pleasure, fame, wealth or power. But it is a futile pursuit. The ultimate result is always frustration because we are never satisfied. -Zac Poonen

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