New additions to the Edifying Christian Movies list

In the recent past, few movies have been added to the list

Every Christian must watch the movie ‘Suing the Devil’ to know the rightful place of the devil in our lives.

Most recent additions to the Edifying Christian Movies list

Few new additions have been made to the Edifying Christian movies list at (New shortened URL for

  • Nikolai
  • The fourth wiseman
  • God’s Outlaw
  • Paul the Emissary

Enjoy watching and be blessed…!

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Hope to add more edifying movies to the list, and awaiting suggestions…

God Bless you all..!

New additions and updates on Edifying Christian Movies Online!!!


Good news to all who have been awaiting an update on the Edifying Christian Movies List…

Few new movies have been added and some have been updated in the recent past.

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Feel free to suggest movies to be added to the list and give your feedback for the betterment of this beneficial site.

Enjoy watching and be blessed….!

God Bless you all…!

The Devil is a sly old fox…

An Old song that sounded afresh after a long time…
The Devil is a sly old fox,
if I could catch him
I would throw him in a box
I’d lock the door and throw away the key
for all the tricks he’s played on me.
I’m glad I’ve got salvation.
I’m glad I’ve got salvation.
I’m glad I’ve got salvation.
I’m trusting in the Lord.

Animated Christian Movies and more…

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