A Song in your Heart

“Its not enough to have a song on your lips.
You must also have a song in your heart.”

Fanny Crosby (1844-1915)

[Written almost 9000 Hymns]


Recent additions to the Christian Movies list can now be easily identified as they are listed in the order they were added.

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Most recent additions to the Edifying Christian Movies list

Few new additions have been made to the Edifying Christian movies list at http://bit.ly/SVZmovies (New shortened URL for https://silaszechariah.wordpress.com/best-christian-movies)

  • Nikolai
  • The fourth wiseman
  • God’s Outlaw
  • Paul the Emissary

Enjoy watching and be blessed…!

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Hope to add more edifying movies to the list, and awaiting suggestions…

God Bless you all..!

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