Newest additions to the Edifying movies list

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

Our sincere apologies for not updating the site for a long time. And thanks for bearing with us.

Below are the additions made in the last 3 months. If you haven’t watched them yet, its hightime you do now.

May God bless you as you watch these movies. To go to the complete movies listing page, click here.

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New Movies on the List…

Dear Family in Christ,

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After a long gap, new movies have now been added to the Edifying Christian Movies List.

The most recently added movies(Top 5) on the list are…

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Thank you for your love and prayers. God Bless You!

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Silas Zechariah V.

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A Song in your Heart

“Its not enough to have a song on your lips.
You must also have a song in your heart.”

Fanny Crosby (1844-1915)

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Recent additions to the Christian Movies list can now be easily identified as they are listed in the order they were added.

Please feel free to leave your opinion on the Christian Movies list page layout.

Most recent additions to the Edifying Christian Movies online list

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Here are the recent additions made to the Edifying Christian Movies online list…

This blog has been a blessing to many around the globe. Thanks for all those who have supported this site in your prayers, bringing the missing, clean and edifying movies to light by suggesting them from time to time, also for the constant encouragement poured-in that makes this site to stay alive and bring God the Glory.

I also want to emphasize that you do not stop by just watching them online here, but buy the movies of your choice from the respective retailers. So that this site doesn’t become a burden to the Christian movie producers. Also make donations and do contribute to the Christian movie producers to help them bring out the Christian Truth from the Bible to this needy world.

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May God alone be Glorified!

God Bless you all.

New additions to the Edifying Christian Movies list

In the recent past, few movies have been added to the list

Every Christian must watch the movie ‘Suing the Devil’ to know the rightful place of the devil in our lives.

Torrent download links newly added..!

Check out the torrent download links beside most of the movies listed under the ‘Edifying Christian Movies’ blog.

Please ensure that you block ads before proceeding with the torrent download links.

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God bless…

Most recent additions to the Edifying Christian Movies list

Few new additions have been made to the Edifying Christian movies list at (New shortened URL for

  • Nikolai
  • The fourth wiseman
  • God’s Outlaw
  • Paul the Emissary

Enjoy watching and be blessed…!

And don’t forget to share this with your friends and relatives who are in need of watching them.

Hope to add more edifying movies to the list, and awaiting suggestions…

God Bless you all..!